At Pittsburgh Refurbishing we offer sales, service and training on a wide range of commercial coffee, tea, cappuccino and restaurant equipment.

With over 15 years of repair, restoration and training experience you can feel confident with any of the products we sell.
Now a days every business needs to try to cut costs any way possible and  buying refurbished equipment can save a ton of money.

What you can't see can cost you.
Most people don't know, when it comes to coffee, tea and cappuccino equipment if you don't buy refurbished it can be very costly.
Once a coffee maker is put into service it starts to build up scale inside, this scale builds up in the water lines, the tank, the valves and on the heating element.
Before you know it the unit is taking longer to heat up and begining to drip, over flow or not fill up at all. The main culpret is scale.
If this scale is left alone it will cause parts to fail prematurely, this can end up costing a lot of money. A heating element alone can cost several hundred dollars not including the service calls.

The enemy is the water...
Or more importantly what is in the water.
Most all water has mineral and metal traces in it, even filtered and bottled water.
These traces build up quickly in the tank, valves and lines of coffee equipment causing malfunctions, premature wear and bad tasting product.

This is why we go to great lengths to completely refurbish each and every brewer we sell.




Cleaning & Maintenance    

Scale removal / Deliming Service   

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This is what the inside of a coffee or cappuccino makers water tank looks like after just a few years of use.
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